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#SaveOshiwara. #LetMumbaiBreathe.

Oshiwara is one of the four rivers of Mumbai. If enough care is not taken to save these four rivers, we might end up losing them as well as the forests surrounding them.

The Issue

Massive walls are being built on both sides of a river inside a forest. This is an attempt to dry up the forests and kill the trees in it as the riverbed is being filled up with mud and rubble. All this will ultimately kill the ecology of the region. The interaction of the rivers Mithi and Oshiwara with forests of Aarey is crucial for the survival of the river and the forests too
In the garb of rejuvenation, they have filled almost 400 meters of the river. There is absolutely no need to waste public funds to destroy the forest and the river.

Mail The Petition

Dear Sir/Madame,
The Oshiwara river originates in SGNP runs down the Dindoshi hills traverses Aarey gathers the water from Aarey and flows into the Malad creek.
The river is being subjected to concretisation. It’s origin is being flattened by a private developer who has damaged it’s water channels. Origins of rivers have to be sacred inviolate areas. Private Ownership of rivers and it’s origins, catchments is unacceptable!
Dindoshi Hills, the birthplace of Oshiwara have ancient trees and remnants of primeval natural forests with trees, shrubs and similar vegetation that have remained relatively undisturbed on the whole and big enough to maintain their biological diversity in a very similar fashion as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.
The protection of natural resources is recognized not only in different statutory enactments like Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980, Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, Environment Protection Rules, 1986, different Municipal Laws, but also under Article 21 of the Constitution.
No development in this area is permissible keeping in view the environmental principles and Article 21 of the Constitution. It is shocking that high-rise residential and mass felling of large fully grown trees have been given a nod by public authorities.
A recent mail was written to highlighting the relentless levelling of ruthless hill cutting undertaken in Dindoshi Range respectively. The SGNP repeatedly express helplessness to look into the matter since the area was privately owned and taking action on the private lands was not the work of the forest department.The undestructed trees and forest areas in Dindoshi and adjacent to SGNP, if taken care of, will ultimately save another river of Mumbai.
We need you to Pass an order restraining anyone from undertaking any developments in these areas that will permanently destroy the biodiversity of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and its ground water recharge ability and kill Oshiwara river. The hills are being flattened and river courses altered, deforestation and burning of saplings is being done regularly. Rivers are meant to be saved. Let us not turn them into gutters. The process of cutting hills, excavating and levelling of land at Dindoshi Range is being carried out aggressively since the last four months and it must be put to an immediate halt to ensure no irreversible damage is done to the ecosystem.
Thanking you

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