Justice AK Goel to re-hear 18 cases already reserved, what are we doing about it?

The NGT might as well shut down.

The Govt desires to clear all obstacles which stand in the way of environmental destruction. This is a mockery of the judiciary and renders all cases futile. Is the newly appointed chairperson saying that the judges who heard the matters are less competent than him?

Pray what is his knowledge about the environment that makes him God?

The lawyers who are standing by allowing this to happen are guilty of allowing justice to be subverted. We should all stand together in these testing times and challenge these plans as much as possible.  Matters involving the environment are public interest litigation irrespective of who files it. It involves issues of the planet’ s well being. The well being of the country cannot be put to risk for some development. The well being cannot be purchased, you can buy air purifiers, oxygen tanks and what not. Nothing can replace nature.

The NGT act was enacted to check haphazard development not to allow it. Once the common man loses faith in the judiciary, it is doom for a, democratic republic.

Nothing short of the impeachment of this judge can save the environment and the justice delivery system.
Judges cannot lower the reputation of the institution and erode people’s faith in the judiciary. Our future generations will bear the brunt of mindless destruction of the environment Years of hard work by litigants who toil to seek justice and protection of the environment comes to zero. This is not at all acceptable. I am deeply infuriated by the planned demolition of NGT by the Govt. Exploring my options. Dear friends step up, it’s your country, your mother nature under assault, wake up for God’s sake. For your children’s sake, wake up.



-Stalin Dayanand

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