If Avni could speak this is pretty much what she would have said

“You killed me. Finally you managed to kill me.

Yes you could have easily tranquilized me with a dart gun but you decided to use a real bullet instead.

And why was I killed?

You held me responsible for the deaths of 13 innocent people.

Innocent people who encroached on my home?

Did I come to the cities or did your cities and villages come into my forest?

When your “innocent people” killed my friends and my family, destroyed my forest and my habitat, made my home shrink smaller and smaller…. What did you expect me to do?

Hop into one of your cages so that your kids could throw channas and popcorn at me? Or be at your beck and call to turn tricks for a few applause’s?

Basically you wanted me to give up my freedom and live like one of your pets as you continued to eat up into my home and turn it into one of your gas guzzling factories.

You may call me as your National animal and you may make hashtags about “Saving” me…… But this is your reality.

When someone encroaches on your home and starts killing your family and friends you have the right to strike back….. It’s called self defence. If it’s applicable to humans why can’t it be applicable to us?

And I wonder what happens to my two kids now. You will probably catch them and throw them in one of those cages with all the others, right? They are just nine months old, easy catch for you.

Anyways, I had never expected to get a lenient view from any of you. I cannot expect leniency from monsters who want to protect their right to life, while completely ignoring my right to life.

The only thing that I am happy about is that I was Born Free and I Died Free.

That’s not something that many of you who are chained and bound to the laws and rulers of your nation can claim, can you?”

I guess if Avni could speak this is pretty much what she would have said.

Disclaimer: I am not an animal rights activist but *I don’t think we have the right to snatch their lives when we are already snatching their homes.*

By Darshan Mondkar

Let Avni Live

RIP Avni

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