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Aarey Fights back with its Citizen Warriors

Aarey Fights back with its Citizen Warriors

By Nirali Vaidya

Please note that the public hearing is supposed to be for only listening to the grievances of the public and noting them down, the tree authority members are given no chance or authority to respond, the format has not been designed to handle the question answer method.

Unfortunately the MMRDA and MMRCL is using reputed members from scientific and conservation community and voting them out with corporators and political position people who are 5:1 more than experts. So any decision when it goes to vote can easily be voted out. With 4 experts and 12-13 political party persons who have no real qualifications are in the tree authority. Sadly, even the experts have to face the public ire because of the lack of will of the BMC to face questions of the public.

Please note that the public hearing is supposed to be for only listening to the greivances of the public and noting them down, the tree authority members are given no chance or authority to respond, the format has not been designed to handle the question answer method.

Unfortunately the MMRDA and MMRCL is using reputed members from scientific and conservation community and voting them out with corporators and political position people who are 5:1 more than experts. So any decision when it goes to vote can easily be voted out. With 4 experts and 12-13 political party persons who have no real qualifications are in the tree authority. Sadly, even the experts have to face the public ire because of the lack of will of the BMC to face questions of the public.

Mumbai’s only surviving green lungs at Aarey Colony is fighting a long battle to save its pristine trees, biodiversity, and ecology from the prying eyes of greed, infrastructure, and commercialisation. The greatest and the most immediate threat to the Aarey ecosystem is the proposal by MMRCL to build a car shed for Mumbai Metro 3 project. In a public notice on 30th June, 2019, the tree authority asked the citizens to send their objections against felling of 2703 trees in Aarey colony due to the construction work of Metro 3 car shed.  It also invited the citizens for a public hearing on 8th July, 2019 to allow citizens to express their objections against the felling of the trees. Till 8th July, the tree authority received more than 115000 objections on email.

As per the provisions of the Maharashtra Act, No. XLIV of 1975, the Tree Authority was constituted in the year 1976, by the Corporation. The Tree Authority helps in regulating the felling of trees and providing for the planting of an adequate number of new trees through Garden Department.

The citizens thronged the MMRDA building auditorium in Bandra Kurla Complex in thousands to participate for the public hearing. There were professionals, teachers and students who missed their offices and schools to come for the hearing.

The indigenous tribes who have been inhabiting Aarey forest for centuries and now have been displaced due to the Metro 3 car shed too came for the public hearing. A tribal woman with a wound on her hand due to a recent leopard attack reprimanded the officials saying that “Though the leopard attacked us, we consider them our god. Forest is not just a means of our livelihood but our life itself. We cannot let the government ruin our centuries-old ancestral forest for metro car shed.”

Another tribal woman complained that MMRDA officials came to their house and started cutting their trees. “My land is left with pits and ravines, their children have to walk in deep puddles risking their safety. Who will be responsible for my wretched condition due to the construction for metro 3 car shed happening in the area?”

A concerned gentleman asked where will MMRCL get tonnes of water to wash the car shed in times of water crisis? Are they going to compromise on the groundwater level of the forest and leave the tribals and wildlife dry?

The citizens thanked the tree authority for their time and appreciated that they are willing to hear their concerns. As citizens bombarded with their questions, concerns, and fears, the tree authority chose to remain silent on maximum issues. Even after umpteen requests by the citizens pleading the officials to express their stance on the matter, all they said was just thanking the audience for their time. When the officials cannot protect themselves from the storm of the citizens’ opinions, how will they protect the trees from the diplomacy of the development? The fact that no member out of the respected five-member team spoke about environment, crisis, opportunities, or threats re-established the fact that tree authority is merely the puppet at the hands of BMC with no real powers or expertise to stop or initiate any action that is detrimental to the trees of Mumbai. This needs to change. We need to have two way communication with the officers and experts. A professor from Xavier college teaching environmental studies questioned the tree authority what type of forest was Aarey? When there was no response from them, she answered that Aarey was a deciduous forest. She further questioned to name any three trees that make up a deciduous forest. There was still no response. No wonder, on October 24, 2018, the Bombay High Court had stayed the functioning of the Tree Authority for not having any tree experts in the committee. We are now thankful to have specialists like Shashirekha ma’am on board, hope the other members learn a thing or two from them.

Points raised by citizens before Tree Authority raised by citizens against car shed:

1.            Loss of 2703 trees amount to the loss of vital ecosystem, biodiveristy, and ecology of Aarey forest.

2.            Loss of flood plains of Mithi river by the construction of car shed will result in increased floods in Mumbai.

3.            Transplantation or new plantation cannot be a substitute for deforestation. Proposal for replantation is unviable, unsustainable and unscientific. Firstly, in the scenario of the water crisis, where will tonnes of water come for plantation of new 20000 plantations. The new plantations are not capable of carbon sequestration like the fully grown trees. The survival rate of transplanted trees is marginal.

4.            First, maintain the existing thriving forest of hundreds of years then think of developing mini new urban forest.

5.            Car shed will lead to penetration of harmful chemicals into the soil thus poisoning the groundwater level & ecosystem of Aarey colony.

6.            When other viable sites are available within the city then why not shift car shed out of Aarey.

7.            Car shed will displace the indigenous tribes of Aarey from their ancestral lands and livelihood.

8.            When & how is Tree Authority making MMRCL accountable for illegal cutting of trees in Aarey inspite of the court stay order.

9.            What legal rights Tree Authority has to conduct a public hearing when it has a stay order from the court?

10.          What were MMRCL members doing on stage when this was a public hearing was by Tree Authority of India?

11.          What is the further course of action after this public hearing?

12.          Why no member representing tree authority gave their comments on the issue of car shed?

13.          What will tree authority do of more than 1 lakh signatures it received in response to 30.06.19 public notice?

14.          What has tree authority done of nearly 40000 signatures it received last year?

15.          Why did tree authority choose MMRDA auditorium where not more than 200 people can be accommodated when it receives thousands of objection letters?

16.          There needs to be Social Impact Analysis & Environment Impact Analysis before undertaking any infrastructure project.

17.          The public hearing should be made available in the form of the white paper.      

18.          There should be scientists, experts, environmentalists, tribal representatives, citizen representatives, and qualified professionals on the tree authority panel.

19.          There shouldn’t be any further public hearings whereby the productivity of citizens is stake.

20.          Unanimously all the points lead to the fact that  Mumbai Metro 3 car shed should go out of Aarey forest.

 The public hearing that took place on 8th July, 2019 was a great display of people’s power, expertise, and their determination towards conserving their environment, forest, and sovereignty

About the author:

Nirali Vaidya is a multifaceted writer, speaker, and counselor who has been an active supporter of environment & climate change.
As a brand consultant she is helping her clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to new entrepreneurs create their brand stories, define the brand’s tone of voice, develop written communications and strategize brand’s campaigns.

By not wanting to sell water bottles, this Mumbai restaurant owner has a message for all of us…

By not wanting to sell water bottles, this Mumbai restaurant owner has a message for all of us…

“Today I was approached by a smart young man trying to sell me his brand of packaged water.

So I told him, unlike other restaurants, we don’t aggressively sell water.

He told me, his brand has good margins.

I told him, I don’t believe in selling water. I have an R/O plant in my restaurant and we serve filtered safe water whose initial source is the Municipal Corporation, to our patrons.

I told him that from the culture that we come from, being a Punjabi, offering water is considered a duty and a noble deed.

And that the entire packaged water trade is a collective failure of our governments.

Water comes to me at 50 Rupees per 1000 liters. Packaged water sells at 20/- per liter. After selling 2.5 Bottles of water, I am left with 997.5 Liters offree water.

And the country is bearing the cost of packaging and transporting this water. All transport runs on imported petrol and diesel. Most of the cost of packaged water is distribution. The country bleeds every time a packaged water bottle is transported.

And we are polluting the earth with plastic bottles.

Ideally the packaged water industry should die. And water should be free.

He shook my hand in a warm handshake and left.

There are some businesses that should never have got started. It is failure of the government and the fear of contaminated water that has created this industry.

And we don’t even understand the domino effect of packaged drinking water.

Offer water to people where ever possible. It is a good deed. We at our restaurant try to do it every day.”

-Vinod Chand is the founder of and has a restaurant in Mira Road

Mail us on [email protected] if you want to get in touch with him.

Mahul sit-in enters 32nd day, project affected citizens protesting since a year. Deaths continue…

Mahul sit-in enters 32nd day, project affected citizens protesting since a year. Deaths continue…

Residents of Mahul are not complaining about the serious health issues and deaths since yesterday or day before but since more than a year.

One of those photos during the starting of Mahul movement in 2017


Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis continues to remain silent on the issue involving lives of 30,000 citizens.

They came on the street a month back to demonstrate and demand their relocation from Mahul to a safer place.



Even the Court ordered the govt. to do so. However, govt failed to address issues and is only responding to residents by hollow assurances.
The Chief Minister who has to take final decisions on the matter has not found any time in this period of whole one year to meet and hear grievances of the residents.

We have a very basic demand-protection of lives. The apathetic and callous attitude of the government is sending a very wrong message-that the Chief Minister has got all the time in the world to attend fancy programs but consider the issue of saving lives of human least on his agenda.

The residents are determined and will fight until the end. In the coming week, we will hold more and more programs at the site of dharna and outside dharna to pressurise the govt for a constructive dialogue and solution.

A huge bike rally happened. The rally started at 2pm from the dharna site in Vidya vihar east and ended at Mantralaya.



Bike Rally for Mahul


Maharashtra govt. has cheated poor residents of Mahul.
Housing Minister, Shri Prakash Mehta had assured residents of Mahul that all of them can be given houses in Kurla HDIL .

The assurance was given under pressure from the residents of Mahul who are agitated by Government’s non-compliance of High Court’s order which had directed Government of Maharashtra to relocacte Mahul residents as the area is hit by a worst level of industrial pollution.

However, today the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis said the tenements in Kurla cannot be allotted as they are under litigation.

What CM offered to do as part of the solution of the problem is only sanctioning the 350 houses which were offered by MHADA to Mahul residents. This is not the complete solution as total families living in Mahul are around 5,500.

A meeting was held today with the Chief Minister on the insistence of Shiv Sena youth leader Aditya Thackrey in presence of MHADA president, Uday Samant and Mr. Thackrey himself. None of the representatives of Mahul residents were called for the meeting.

What is offered today by the government is not something the government benevolently offered, as in past the government had outrightly rejected to provide any alternative tenements. It is only after hard-earned negotiation and initiative of ShivSena youth leader that the MHADA offered these tenements. It is also not the case that there are no tenements available at all.

In fact, through RTI we have found that there are almost one lakh tenements available in Mumbai which are meant for Project Affected Persons.  So, this means that if the Kurla HDIL tenements cannot be allotted then there are still umpteen number of tenements available which can be allotted to Mahul residents. What is lacking is simply government will to save to the lives of Mahul residents who are under constant life threat due to worst level of industrial pollution in the area.

The Chief Minister does not even have the courtesy to meet the representatives of the Mahul residents to discuss and resolve the issue. The residents have been trying to meet him for more than a year. Agitated by this callous behaviour of the government, resident took out a bike rally today to Mantrayalay. They displayed large postcards which were addressed to the chief minister reminding him about meeting the residents. Few of the bikers were detained by the police for such for taking out the rally. Today’s police action sends out only one message that it is a crime today to even demand protection of life.

Yesterday, was the 31st day of the sit-in which is being held at Vidya Vihar by the residents of Mahul who are demanding compliance of High Court’s order which directed the Government of Maharashtra to relocate the residents of Mahul. Chief Minister statement has agitated the residents by his insensitive way of addressing the issue. More than hundred people have died so far due to the pollution in Mahul. Looks like he is waiting for more people to die to act. The future course of movement of Mahul residents will be decided and announced soon.


Do post/share/Tweet using the following hashtags and make their voice reach the wider audience.
Mail us on [email protected] for offering support


लढेंगे जितेंगे !!

Pics and text by Bilal Khan from GBGB Andolan

500 post cards for CM Fadnavis, The young Mumbaikars demand a greener Mumbai.

500 post cards for CM Fadnavis, The young Mumbaikars demand a greener Mumbai.

Our greens are crying hoarse. Today, Aarey Forest the lungs of our city is under threat.

While hundreds of activists have been trying their level best to desist the government from cutting 2700 odd trees while 200 have already been cut and 500 others rest under the axe, for the proposed Mumbai Metro 3 car shed.

But there is light, Schools in the city are not far behind in voicing their protests. After all, who else is most affected from decreasing greenery in this overcrowded city?

St Mary’s High School from Charkop, Kandivali has come forward in voicing their concerns through writing on post cards to the State’s Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis.

500 post cards were handed over to the area environmentalist Mili Shetty from the hands of the Principal Mrs. padma Gudimella.

Aarey, a vast forest that houses variety of wild animals, birds, butterflies etc is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park thus a reserved forest.

However today, in the name of development for a metro the aarey is being hacked to a huge extent and future plans draw a very scary picture for Mumbai that is devoid of open and green spaces.

Mili Shetty has been vibrant in her struggle in contributing towards the environment in many ways. Her last effort was in cleaning a beautiful waterbody that had tonnes of garbage thrown by locals . Today the lake has umpteen number of beautiful birds visiting the lake.

Mili is making attempts from various schools to bring out voices in protest to save our vast forest. “Some day, our voices will reach our government.” she says

What should you do if you see any tree or branch being cut in Mumbai?

What should you do if you see any tree or branch being cut in Mumbai?

1) Ask to see a copy of BMC Tree Authority’s permission.

just ask leslie jones GIF by Saturday Night Live


The permission will include:

  1. The tree number
  2. The type of tree
  3. The size (girth & height).

Permission will also say whether tree has to be cut or transplanted.

If it is for tree trimming, the permission will mention the girth & length of each branch to be cut (random branches cannot be cut without permission).

It looks something like this:

Sample tree cutting permission letter Mumbai



Tree cutting permission sample (issued by Tree Authority)

(You can even download for reference)

2) Application for cutting/payment towards cutting are not same as permission granted.

be quiet the rock GIF by HBO


Permission letter will specifically say that permission is granted.

3) If no permission is shown (or if you are too shy to ask for it), call 100 & inform cops.


sobbing will smith GIF


They will come & have this checked & stop the work if illegal.

4) Tweet a picture of tree cutting work-in-progress, with postal/google address to @MumbaiPolice

Bollywood Not Changing GIF

Dont hesitate or delay!

A tree takes just a few minutes to get cut. And you do not wanna be an accomplice in the crime. Do you?

5) If tweet is marked to @Zoru75 it can be followed up too.

 movie marlon brando the godfather oh well francis ford coppola GIF

6) Fill our volunteer form!

Mumbai is divided into many wards and each ward has its own set of tree issues, The Tree Authority has officers in all wards. This form will not only help you know who is your tree officer, it will also help us connect with you in times of need!

Fill it now and share with friends!




Bollywood Namaste GIF by India


PS: Even BMC cannot trim any tree, including road-side trees, without written permission from Tree Officer mentioning the tree number & size of branches to be cut for trimming.

Justice AK Goel to re-hear 18 cases already reserved, what are we doing about it?

Justice AK Goel to re-hear 18 cases already reserved, what are we doing about it?

The NGT might as well shut down.

The Govt desires to clear all obstacles which stand in the way of environmental destruction. This is a mockery of the judiciary and renders all cases futile. Is the newly appointed chairperson saying that the judges who heard the matters are less competent than him?

Pray what is his knowledge about the environment that makes him God?

The lawyers who are standing by allowing this to happen are guilty of allowing justice to be subverted. We should all stand together in these testing times and challenge these plans as much as possible.  Matters involving the environment are public interest litigation irrespective of who files it. It involves issues of the planet’ s well being. The well being of the country cannot be put to risk for some development. The well being cannot be purchased, you can buy air purifiers, oxygen tanks and what not. Nothing can replace nature.

The NGT act was enacted to check haphazard development not to allow it. Once the common man loses faith in the judiciary, it is doom for a, democratic republic.

Nothing short of the impeachment of this judge can save the environment and the justice delivery system.
Judges cannot lower the reputation of the institution and erode people’s faith in the judiciary. Our future generations will bear the brunt of mindless destruction of the environment Years of hard work by litigants who toil to seek justice and protection of the environment comes to zero. This is not at all acceptable. I am deeply infuriated by the planned demolition of NGT by the Govt. Exploring my options. Dear friends step up, it’s your country, your mother nature under assault, wake up for God’s sake. For your children’s sake, wake up.



-Stalin Dayanand

Why I support Aarey and you must too

Why I support Aarey and you must too

Abhishek Thakore is a movement builder from Mumbai who currently runs the Blue Ribbon Movement

For several years now, a group of Mumbaikars have been opposing the construction of a yard for Mumbai Metro in the Aarey forest.

They are not against the metro itself, but the choice of locating the yard in the middle of verdant greenery that is known as the “lungs of the city”. The group is small in numbers – nothing can be too significant in a city of 20 million people, anyways.

Over the years they have been battling in the courts, carrying out local actions and actively promoting this cause. They have been patiently keeping the hopes alive and taking up the battle with MMRCL, the organization deployed to build the metro.

As an ordinary citizen, this may not matter much to you – a few thousand trees lesser in a city already going into dumps is hardly anything much. Moreover, you may not even be the user of the metro or live anywhere close to Aarey.

Yet, there is a case for supporting this movement.

Vibrant democracies are not created by political parties that act responsibly or a parliament that is actively legislating on issues that matter. These are good expectations to let go of, anyways.

The key to healthy democracy is active citizenship – citizens who are engaged in matters that matter to them. It is in constantly negotiating with the state for interests that we keep the machinery alive and responsive to the larger needs, beyond the once in five years show called elections.

Today, citizen movements in India are few and far in between. We as the middle class are satisfied with Uber discount codes and the latest on Netflix. Funding for movements has also been constrained in direct and indirect ways by the government. Directly by stricter FCRA regulations and indirectly by becoming an NGO itself (you can donate to several government schemes and get tax exemptions plus digitally signed letter from the prime minister).

In such a time, the few movements that exist are like a flicker of light in the darkness. They carry the hope that citizens still matter and can influence policy through collective organizing. It is these movements that are making democracy real in the country.

How do you support such movements? Support doesn’t necessarily mean that you become an active volunteer in the movement. But being totally unaware and indifferent isn’t an option anymore either.

Between these two extremes is the idea of “solidarity”. This is the possibility of supporting a cause through small actions – sharing articles, speaking about the issue and donating (time, energy and money) to the cause. Solidarity with movements like Aarey is very doable and not a tall order at all.

In doing this we are essentially flexing our ‘citizen muscles’. Keeping them toned and fit is a good idea in the long term as governments keep changing and administration can be rigidly indifferent to the people who it is meant to serve.

One way to look at the failure of our cities and governance is the failure of citizens to hold its government accountable. We have the government we deserve, and we have the broken down cities that we deserve.

In supporting Aarey, we learn a little more about how the political process works and how it can be influenced. We step out of our bubbles to look at what is going on with the city. We learn to care.

To that extent, it is a worthwhile exercise, even if it fails to create the tiniest dent on this maximum city.