By not wanting to sell water bottles, this Mumbai restaurant owner has a message for all of us…

“Today I was approached by a smart young man trying to sell me his brand of packaged water.

So I told him, unlike other restaurants, we don’t aggressively sell water.

He told me, his brand has good margins.

I told him, I don’t believe in selling water. I have an R/O plant in my restaurant and we serve filtered safe water whose initial source is the Municipal Corporation, to our patrons.

I told him that from the culture that we come from, being a Punjabi, offering water is considered a duty and a noble deed.

And that the entire packaged water trade is a collective failure of our governments.

Water comes to me at 50 Rupees per 1000 liters. Packaged water sells at 20/- per liter. After selling 2.5 Bottles of water, I am left with 997.5 Liters offree water.

And the country is bearing the cost of packaging and transporting this water. All transport runs on imported petrol and diesel. Most of the cost of packaged water is distribution. The country bleeds every time a packaged water bottle is transported.

And we are polluting the earth with plastic bottles.

Ideally the packaged water industry should die. And water should be free.

He shook my hand in a warm handshake and left.

There are some businesses that should never have got started. It is failure of the government and the fear of contaminated water that has created this industry.

And we don’t even understand the domino effect of packaged drinking water.

Offer water to people where ever possible. It is a good deed. We at our restaurant try to do it every day.”

-Vinod Chand is the founder of and has a restaurant in Mira Road

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