Welcome to Let Mumbai Breathe

Let Mumbai Breathe is a collective of Mumbaikars who are fed up but haven’t given up yet.

We do not want an uprising. We want action.

We believe we have a robust system, enough resources and multiple issues to solve.

But we also believe, it’s we who can make things work. We know our problems, because we deal with them everyday. And a city so great, remains great till the citizens are happy.

A thin land strip reclaimed on sea, crowded with people, offices and factories can’t run solely on spirit.

With the advent of technology, we can now speak to the authorities about our problems. Even collectively.

Although some people might claim so, the site and the idea is not an initiative of any political party, we will fight any party that comes to power and does not listen to its citizens.

People behind this collective: Yash Marwah, Ruben Mascarenhas, Sagar Srivastav, Aditya Paul and others.