500 post cards for CM Fadnavis, The young Mumbaikars demand a greener Mumbai.

Our greens are crying hoarse. Today, Aarey Forest the lungs of our city is under threat.

While hundreds of activists have been trying their level best to desist the government from cutting 2700 odd trees while 200 have already been cut and 500 others rest under the axe, for the proposed Mumbai Metro 3 car shed.

But there is light, Schools in the city are not far behind in voicing their protests. After all, who else is most affected from decreasing greenery in this overcrowded city?

St Mary’s High School from Charkop, Kandivali has come forward in voicing their concerns through writing on post cards to the State’s Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnavis.

500 post cards were handed over to the area environmentalist Mili Shetty from the hands of the Principal Mrs. padma Gudimella.

Aarey, a vast forest that houses variety of wild animals, birds, butterflies etc is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park thus a reserved forest.

However today, in the name of development for a metro the aarey is being hacked to a huge extent and future plans draw a very scary picture for Mumbai that is devoid of open and green spaces.

Mili Shetty has been vibrant in her struggle in contributing towards the environment in many ways. Her last effort was in cleaning a beautiful waterbody that had tonnes of garbage thrown by locals . Today the lake has umpteen number of beautiful birds visiting the lake.

Mili is making attempts from various schools to bring out voices in protest to save our vast forest. “Some day, our voices will reach our government.” she says

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