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Mail to Save Aarey


People have already supported our cause. Have you?
Help us send as many mails to the tree authority, so that together we can save the
little green that’s left, from turning into concrete grey.

Mail the objections!.
#SaveMumbaiGreenCover #LetMumbaiBreathe.

The Issue
33 hectares of urban green space is at risk. Aarey filters Mumbai, it is the birthplace of Mithi and Oshiwara river

Sign The Petition

Dear Sir
I write this letter to you in order to inform you that I am a concerned citizen of Mumbai and I request you for a meeting as I am worried about the safety and healthy survival of my family in this city. The polluted air, the frequent floods, the shrinking recreational spaces, the lack of connection with nature, all of this seems to assure slow but certain death to the people of Mumbai.
Environmentalists have mentioned in several forums and in newspaper articles that further loss of trees, open spaces, wetlands, floodplains, and mangroves is dangerous for the city’s environment. Our city air is already highly polluted and during winter, this city is under the cover of dense smog for months.

I read in the newspaper that NGT has expressed their limitations in declaring Aarey a forest and has suggested that the petitioners should approach the right judicial authorities.
MMRCL initially said that it will cut 3500 + trees on the 33 ha land in Aarey Forest; But now, they are taking up more areas in Aarey for Metro Work and have started cutting trees even when there were stay orders by the High Court. Environmentalists from the Expert Committee appointed by you mentioned in their report that Aarey is an ecologically sensitive area and also the Floodplain for Mithi River. This report also mentions about other alternative locations for the Metro Carshed site and experts said that shifting Carshed to these locations will minimize the damage to the environment.

We all still remember the havoc 2005 flood created in the city, which was a consequence of destructions of the catchment areas/Floodplain of Mithi River. This city is also sinking because of extensive concretization. Last year on 29th August people lost life in Mumbai due to flooding. This year Vasai and Virar/ Palghar drowned.
Anymore destruction in Aarey will create irreparable damage to the Environment of the city and will adversely affect the life of the citizens of Mumbai. Hence, I request you to protect Aarey Forest and order MMRCL to stop all the work immediately. As the Head of Urban Development Department, you have the authority to direct MMRCL to stop work.

We expect the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to play the role of the custodian of city’s Natural Areas and do the needful to protect this beautiful city endowed with natural heritage and hence the Citizens.
Thanking you,

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