People have showed their love for Thane’s trees. Have you?
Help us send as many mails to authorities, so that together we can dream about a better, greener Thane.

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The Issue

The government of Maharashtra with the help of MMRDA is aplanning a road that connects Airoli to Thane but sadly there is no concrete plan in front of the citizens and 2800 plus trees are at the risk of being cut.

Draft My Petition

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per the advertisement being circulated on social media dated 2nd February, 2019 which was sanctioned by you on 27th January.  More than 2,800 trees are to be chopped by TMC and you are expecting objections and suggestions for the same.

The notice is not available on your website. Please do the same and thus extend the timeline once the notice is published online.

We noticed, there is no specific details about the number of trees to be transplanted or cut. Please release a list of trees with their species name, age, height, girth as well as which ones will be transplanted, which ones will be cut and the reason for why they cannot be saved including how many trees were tried to be saved and tentative site of transplantation.

With this, we would also be thankful if you could furnish the details of  transplantation expertise, people involved in the activity and past data of success or failure. Please see this mail as an objection from a worried citizen but also please see to it that the above details are up on the website with the details of a public hearing.

We see this act as a violation of Article 21, a Right to Clean Environment

The “Right to Life” under Article 21 means a life of dignity to live in a proper environment free from the dangers of diseases and infection. Maintenance of health, preservation of the sanitation and environment have been held to fall within the purview of Article 21 as it adversely affects the life of the citizens and it amounts to slow poisoning and reducing the life of the citizens because of the hazards created if not checked.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely

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